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A new job for 2023

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A new job for 2023

Like us you will have started to hear the usual Christmas murmurs that crop up around October.A semi panic starts to kick in; social commitments ramp up, work projects either get fast tracked or completely deferred and in the talent space candidates decide they don’t want to look for a new job or move into a new role before Christmas.

Our advice is that this year, more than ever before, now is an exceptionally good time to be looking for a new opportunity. Here are our reasons why:

1.Employers are looking to hire now

We are experiencing a massive appetite from employers to fill roles this side of Christmas, with the goal of having fully functioning teams ready to perform in January.

2.Keep your summer plans intact

Employers have adjusted their policies to allow for leave in advance, so summer your holidays won’t be impacted. We encourage you to speak to your perspective new employer about this in the interview stage.

3.Beat the rush

Every year we see an influx of CV’s in January at a time when the job market is often still picking back up after the Christmas close-down period and any extended summer breaks. We recommend locking in your new job now, so you are primed to start in the new year.

4.New year new job – not really the case

With the warm weather and concentration of public holidays early in the new year you will find recruitment doesn’t become such a business priority again until February / March. Things move much slower over this time and with less jobs available you may find it harder to secure your next opportunity. Meaning you could be extending your time in your current role by close to six months if you don’t priorities a pre-Christmas move.

5.Enjoy the social occasions

By moving into a new role before Christmas you get a soft landing into the new company culture with the opportunity to meet everyone at the Christmas party.

Talk to one of our specialist recruiters now to secure your opportunity for 2023, while salaries are still demanding a premium and employers are hugely motivated to hire.