Simone comes with 6 years’ experience in recruitment consultancy, with the last 4 years specialising in Business Support, Finance & Accounting. She has joined CoLegal as she has always been fascinated with the legal sector and now uses her skills to recruit exceptional talent to strengthen law firms and organisations with candidates that add value from the get-go. She enjoys spending quality time with individuals and clients to ensure she better understands the needs and requirements of each to establish solid career and recruiting decisions for both parties. Prior to recruitment Simone started her career in travel where she was able to see the world and explore, which suited her to a tee as she is naturally adventurous.

When Simone is not in the office you will often find her in amongst nature, walking, hiking or more likely indulging in a glass of wine (or many) surrounded by her friends and family as she loves being social, having laughs and creating memories.