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Why work with a recruiter?

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Why work with a recruiter?

​In the challenging landscape of job hunting, candidates often ponder the necessity of recruitment firms. Naturally, questions arise: Do recruiters truly add value? Do they complicate the process? Will I end up with a lower salary as the employer has to pay a fee?

These concerns stem from misconceptions. A (good) recruitment firm serves as an indispensable ally, working to secure the best opportunities for candidates while streamlining the hiring process. A specialist recruiter adds even more value with unique market knowledge and networks. As specialist legal recruiters we would say that, wouldn’t we?

Today we thought we would spend some time shedding some light into the recruitment industry, outlining how a recruiter’s involvement actually works from an employer’s perspective and how we add value to candidates.

Firstly, lets clear this one up: It costs a candidate nothing to engage and work with a recruiter. Another common misconception we hear is that candidates end up with lower salaries when recruitment firms are involved due to the client having to pay a fee. This is not the case. Clients enlist recruitment firms to identify top talent efficiently, saving them valuable time and resources. When a candidate is successfully placed, the fee paid by the client reflects the expertise and effort invested by the recruiter. This fee doesn't translate to a deduction from the candidate's potential salary, it signifies the value placed on securing the right fit for the role.

Recruitment firms aren't merely intermediaries; they are advocates for candidates. From the initial screening to the negotiation stage, their goal is to champion the candidate's interests. We do this through understanding your value. We specialise in identifying and articulating the unique value proposition of each of our candidates, working closely with you to highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements, presenting you in the best possible light to prospective employers.

Salary negotiation can be daunting, but recruiters excel in this area. Armed with market insights and knowledge of industry standards, we advocate for competitive compensation packages on your behalf, ensuring they align with your worth and expectations. Often having an intermediary party involved in these negotiations reduces much of the unease with salary negotiation from both sides.

Working with a specialist recruiter means you are working with someone who understands the intricacies and demands of the Legal sector. Here at CoLegal, we have established networks and deep insights into market trends, enabling us to pinpoint roles that may not be advertised elsewhere. We understand industry-specific nuances enabling us to provide targeted advice on career progression, skill development, and market positioning, ensuring that every opportunity pursued aligns with your professional trajectory.

Even after placement, recruiters continue to offer support, serving as a trusted advisor throughout your career journey. Whether it's navigating career advancements or addressing concerns in your new role, we remain a valuable resource.

To candidates hesitant about engaging with a recruiter we want to assure you we are committed to your success. We are not gatekeepers; we are facilitators of opportunities, enabling you to reach your full potential by connecting you with roles that align with your aspirations and ambitions.

Here at CoLegal, we prioritise building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

If you are in the job market and looking for the assistance of a Recruiter, give a member of the CoLegal team a call and tap into our expertise to assist in navigating the job market with confidence.