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Changing employer benefits in the legal sector

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Changing employer benefits in the legal sector

​With today’s incredibly tight talent market we have seen legal employers make significant changes to how they recruit and the benefits on offer to retain their people. There has been a shift away from inflexible and punishing work hours - the emphasis is now on how to tailor benefits to appeal to the individual. This is where we are seeing top employers set themselves apart from others in the legal sector.

It is worth noting that salary is still one of, if not the most, important factor in the legal sector for a candidate looking for a new position. Structured and regular pay reviews, sometimes within the first 3-6 months, are now crucial to ensuring a competitive remuneration package. Practices are now starting to introduce payments for overtime worked.

Following salary, workplace culture is the biggest factor driving lawyers to look for new opportunities. This goes much deeper than free fruit in the lunch room and drinks and pizza the last Friday of the month. Lawyers are looking for an inclusive culture where they are empowered to bring their authentic selves into the workplace.

Legal employers are offering increased flexibility enabling employees to incorporate work into their lives in non-traditional ways. This includes offering extended leave for long periods of travel, enabling lawyers to work from overseas locations and implementing an open door policy to welcome back past employees following travel or other absences.

We have also seen an increase in family benefits including paid parental leave for six months at 100% of salary and extended leave days for parents. Extended holiday leave beyond 20 days is much more common place with employers now recognising people’s desire to achieve more of that elusive ‘balance.’

These benefits are over and above what are now considered the more ‘stock standard’ benefit offerings such as health and well-being allowances, a working from home day, and birthdays off.

Employers have recognised that their best talent strategy is to treat the people they have exceptionally well and support them in living their lives outside the workplace through tailoring benefits to align with their individual needs. Lawyers will assess workplace benefits with increasing importance, given that their base salary may often be limited to keep parity with others in their year group.

As specialist legal recruiters we work the top legal employers in the market. Give one of our recruiters a call today to discuss opportunities and the benefits on offer.